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13th Dec, 2007


Liquidation Sale at the Pilgrimage to Sydney Shop!

my second Etsy store is going to be closing shop on Oct. 31.


Everything there is on sale for 50% off the prices listed. If you're interested in purchasing, convo me so that I can change the price for you!

After Oct. 31, all items left will be moving to my home shop.

Have fun!

13th Sep, 2007


JCI in Townsville

This morning there was an event with the Cross and Icon and Message stick for Catholic schools in the TOwnsville Area.  I volunteered to help out and I had such a great time.  I was working, so I probably didn't get as involved as I could have, but I still got really moved.  We were out the front setting up bottles of water for the kids, when the cross arrived and i was like "eeeeee!" and the girl i was working with let me go out for photos and to touch it.  The liturgy they had was great and Emmanuel Youth Worship band was great.  My soul just feels so full right now.  
They had a girl speak about her experiences with World Youth Day, and she was my room mate when we went over last year.  She was just so gorgeous and I loved her talk. 

Tonight they are having an ecumenical worship service at another church and I'm taking my pentecostal boyfriend.  I hope he gets as much out of it as i do.  
I took some photos. 

11th Sep, 2007


(no subject)

I was hoping that people would have had the chance to see the Cross and Icon and Message Stick and would have shared their experiences here.

It all arrives in my city tonight, but its been in the diocese since the weekend. The local paper have a gallery of photos here in case anyone was interested in checking them out

24th Aug, 2007


clearance sales -- get them now!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

The August Pocket Rosaries are marked off 30% to make room for the September batch.

9th Aug, 2007



Due to requests from the WYD2008 Organization, I have had to change the name of the Project.

It's now called the

Pilgrimage to Sydney 2008 Rosary Project.

Next month, we'll be adding more pocket rosaries, as well as other rosary and Catholic pieces, such as bracelets, phone charms, chaplets and necklaces. Hope you all look forward to it!

6th Aug, 2007


(no subject)

If anyone is interested in the Journey of the Cross and Icon, you might be interested in checking out this blog http://www.jci-wyd2008.blogspot.com/

1st Aug, 2007


August Batch of Pocket Rosaries

The entire August batch is up and available for sale.

Livia's Treasures World Youth Day 2008 Rosary Project


30th Jul, 2007


Livia's Treasures WYD2008 Rosary Project Begins Today!

Livia's Treasures begins its year-long World Youth Day Pocket Rosary Project Today!

Visit this this info link to shop and learn more!

24th Jul, 2007


Only Six More Days....

Until the WYD2008 Pocket Rosary Project!!

There's a new update link so that you can receive emails with updates on the project!

14th Jul, 2007


World Youth Day 2008 Project


I'm new the community and just wanted to say and to spread the word about a special project I'm starting for WYD. You can visit this web site to learn more.


And believe you me, I wish I were going to be there next year!

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