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JCI =)

Yesterday was the Journey of the Cross and Icon for WYD in our Parish... It was amazing. I had a great time and ... I can't explain the way I felt. I was the first one with the group of the WYD girls to carry the cross down toward our church... It was so heavy and today my shoulder is bruised a bit and is sore to the touch, but it was a very small price to pay .. and the symbolism of the whole event was just... beyond words.

I had made the decision that during the reflection and veneration of the cross and Icon at my church, I would lay my life down -- lay it all out for Jesus before that cross and just give over everything. It was just ... the most amazing feeling... I bowed before it, placed my hands upon it and just let everything go... everything that troubled my heart, stirred within me, anything that challenged me, I gave it away to God...

For those who don't know, like the olympic torch, before World Youth Day, the cross and Icon travel the world... all the way to where WYD is being held... and to know that many others have carried this cross... bearing a similar burden to Christ... wow.

I was messaging with my friends the whole day and sent out MMS pics of the event cos I so desperately wanted to share the amazingness of it all. I got home feeling SO proud and uplifted and ... with the kind of burning love that .. I don't even know what to do with! Unspeakable kind of feeling that can only pour out thru tears... Love ... God's love...


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December 2011

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